• Have you ever flipped through a book of Disney trivia and realized it was too easy (and apparently aimed only at casual visitors to Disney parks)?
  • Do you ever wish the books published about Disney would move beyond the same old re-hashed material?
  • Do you ever find yourself struggling to make connections between the various Disneyland attractions, projects, and personnel?

If so, then Magic Quizdom: Disneylandia Minutiae Semper Absurda may be the book for you, and doubly so if you recognized the inspiration for the book's subtitle (hint: it comes from Mr. Toad's Wild Ride). 

Designed to appeal to both casual Disney lovers and hardcore fanatics, the book features trivia questions with three levels of difficulty, with the hardest questions (e.g. "tarjeta de credito") left open-ended rather than multiple choice.

Best of all, the answers to the trivia questions, given in their own sections, greatly expand upon the matter at hand.

Paragraph-length answers provide additional details, explicate the history behind the magic, and make connections between the modern-day Disneyland and its past.

It's a book by the fans, for the fans - but one that remains relevant and fun even for the casual Disney observer.

Here are a few samples from the Adventureland section of the book:



1.      Who is the “father of all gods and goddesses??

a.                   Rongo

b.                  Pele

c.                   Tangaroa-Ru

d.                  Tangaroa

 2.      What restaurant preceded Aladdin’s Oasis?

a.                   Tiki Terrace

b.                  Tahitian Terrace

c.                   Hawaiian Terrace

d.                  Adventureland Terrace


3.      Which scene was added to the Jungle Cruise in 1962?

a.                   Elephant Bathing Pool

b.                  Water Buffalo

c.                   Trader Sam

d.                  Village of Natives

e.                   Hippo Pool

f.                    Schweitzer Falls

 4.      Where could one find a reference to the ship “Titus?in Adventureland?

a.                   Indiana Jones Adventure

b.                  Swiss Family Treehouse

c.                   River Belle Terrace

d.                  Aladdin’s Oasis

e.                   Enchanted Tiki Room

f.                    Tropical Imports


5.      Which presidential press secretary used to work on the Jungle Cruise?

6.      Where did the “Little Man of Disneyland?live? 


Click here to see the answers.

Magic Quizdom offers 360 such questions. With its unique paragraph-length answers, the book encompasses 240 pages filled with such trivia, updated to the present-day Disneyland.

One thing Magic Quizdom does not attempt to provide are pictures from Disneyland - this is not a picture book.

Nevertheless, Magic Quizdom is difficult to beat for its sheer reference value, not to mention such subtle effects as your increased enjoyment of Disneyland after having learned and absorbed so many of its details and so much of its history.

Here are just a few of the comments others are making about Magic Quizdom:

  • "Great book, I am really enjoying all the tidbits of information I didn't know!" - Brenda J.

  • "This is one great book. I have all the other Disney quiz books but this one tops them all. I like the fact that it only deals with Disneyland." - Jeff J.

  • "The book was a blast and it helped pass the time. Kudos and we can't wait for your next book." - Lee S.

  • "Love your Magic Quizdom...can't put it down." - Brad K.

  • "Just wanted you to know that I enjoyed the book very much. I liked the format and the fact I could just jump between pages. It was easy to share with family members. In fact at one time or another I found them all deeply involved in the book. We all seemed to have different favorite parts." - Cecelia R.

The book retails for $17.99. We no longer offer direct sales via this website, but you may order the book from certain bookstores in person, or from Amazon.com.

It is our fervent hope that our readers have as much fun reading Magic Quizdom as we did while writing it. Walt's Disneyland is a legacy well worth preserving, and it is a treat to be able to pass along knowledge this fundamental to its continued success.

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